Brandon Sanderson @ Copperfield’s Books San Rafael 03/06/14

Time for some special news. After some back and forth with Tor, the agreement has been reached, and on March 6th at 12:30 pm Brandon Sanderson will be doing a reading and signing at my store, Copperfield’s Books San Rafael, located at 850 4th st. in San Rafael. You can find more info about the store here.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and interview Brandon Sanderson twice in the past. I first got to know him when he dropped off a copy of Elantris at my old Borders store in Davis for me and my co-supervisor, knowing we were fantasy fans, with a message essentially saying: “Here’s my book, catch you next time.”

I did my first interview with him at my old Borders store in Roseville, when he was doing a reading for Hero of  Ages. We had a good time and I could tell then that Sanderson is one of those authors who as much as he loves to write, will always give time to connect with his readers. You can listen to the first interview here.

The second chance I got the opportunity to interview him was with the release of Towers of Midnight, where the crowd was insane and he was only doing a signing and no reading. I only got to do a quick fifteen-minute interview with him and didn’t know Harriet McDougal (Robert Jordan’s wife) would also be there. You can hear this interview here.

And now Sanderson will be coming to my store for a reading and signing on his book tour for the release of the second book in the Stormlight Archive, after The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance.

So free up your schedule and come on by and see the wonderful store we have and meet one of the best fantasy writers writing today. And you can see rest of his book tour here.

Penny Arcade at Belmont Library 02/24/10

Yesterday I got to meet the great minds – Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins – behind the incredible popular Penny Arcade web comic.  They were at the Belmont Library in San Mateo for the second stop in their book tour for The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade: The 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition (now available).

Penny Arcade book

The main reason I was there, other than to meet these fun and crazy guys, was to interview them for BookBanter, which went very well and was a lot of fun.  The interview is scheduled to run in Episode 29 on April 1st, which seems pretty fitting, being April Fools Day and all.  I’m also planning to have this be the inaugural day of the new site upgrade for BookBanter.  Fingers crossed on that.

After the interview, we hung out for a bit, while Jerry tried to convince me about how great ebook readers are, especially his Nook, and why I needed to get one because I love reading so much.  But I maintain that I also love books and while I wouldn’t say no to someone giving me an ereader, I don’t plan on acquiring one any time soon.  We also talked about Mike doing more reading now other than Star Wars books, and he’s currently very much enjoying The Name of the Wind by Patrick Ruthfuss, while Jerry’s mind is currently being blown by Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon.

Penny Arcade
Jerry Holkins scowling on the left, Mike Krahulik smirking on the right

The crowd came out in full to fill up the area of the library where they were having the Q&A and signing.

People 1

At their signing the night before at the University Bookstore in Seattle, there’d been 250 people.  I think at Belmont Library, that number was beaten.  All the chairs were taken, then all the standing room.  Then people began lining up in the aisles of books, trying to peak over the hardcovers and paperbacks to see through to the performance.  Many just hung further back and listened to the miked voices coming from somewhere across the room.

People 2

Mike and Jerry gave a great performance, signing books twenty minutes beforehand, then answering questions for over an hour and regaling everyone with entertaining stories, such as Jerry’s dangerous obsession with Felicia Day, or extolling the virtues of D&D, and then proceeded to sign books and chat and do photos for a lot longer, until everyone was happy and Mike and Jerry were completely exhausted.

People 3

All in all an entertaining night.  Here’s the rest of their book tour, along with PAX East in between.  As I said, the episode with their interview should be up on April first, at the conclusion of their tour.  And I would just like to thank the Belmont Library for organizing a room to do the interview in where we were relatively undisturbed (and the staff were great!), Dolores Gevertz for coordinating at the event, and most importantly April Flores from Random House for organizing and coordinating and make this all happen for BookBanter.

Upcoming Penny Arcade Interview for BookBanter

Penny Arcade

In a couple of days I’ll be interviewing the incredible minds behind Penny Arcade — Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, who will be at Belmont Library on February 24th as part of their book tour for The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade: The 11 1/2 Anniversary, aka Nearly Twelve Years of Bullshit.  At the moment I’m not exactly sure when the episode will run, but I’ll be getting it scheduled to go up as soon as possible.

For now, I’m starting to work on what questions to ask the guys.  So if you, BookBanter readers and listeners, have some questions you’d be interested in hearing Gabe and/or Tycho answer, comment on this post, and while I can’t guarantee I’ll ask them your exact question, I will certainly take it into consideration.

Writers With Drinks

Looks like I should be attending Writers With Drinks on February 13th.  Now at the moment I only have vague connotations of what this event will exactly be about, but the name of it has me both hopeful and intrigued.  The website doesn’t give me a lot info to go on, but the following people will be in attendance:

Vikram Chandra (Sacred Games)
Cherie Priest (Boneshaker)
James Rollins (The Doomsday Key)
Andrew Porter (The Theory Of Light And Matter)
Derek Powazek (Fray Magazine)

While I haven’t read Sacred Games, I’ve been kind of curious and interested in it since it came out in 2006.  So it’ll be interesting to hear some of this author’s work.  Cherie Priest will be a delight to meet, having interviewed her for the next episode of BookBanter, which will be up on February 1st.  James Rollins is now a good friend and a past interviewee on BookBanter and it will be great to see him again and perhaps hear some of his new book, Altar of Eden.

And then of course, there should be drinks.

Perhaps I’ll see some other familiar faces too . . .

Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson
Had great fun interviewing Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the award-winning Mars trilogy, which began with Red Mars.  We talked a lot about his new novel, Galileo’s Dream, which is all about Galileo’s life and his fight for the truth and science against the Church, and how he occasionally gets sucked up through his telescope and transported to the year 3020 to help some tall, strange looking people on the moons of Jupiter — yes, those Galilean moons.

Stan (which is the name he goes by) also talked a lot about writing and how he got started and what sort of science fiction writer he considers himself, who his influences are, and what he hopes readers get out of reading his books.  After the interview we also talked a little about Hollywood, movies, and optioning books.  Stan talked about his conversations with James Cameron, who was one of the first people to option Red Mars, and how apparently Cameron had his own “Mars” story he wanted to tell, which is why he returned the option.

Stan then did a reading and had a great Q&A session, going into entertaining and at times hilarious detail about the life of Galileo Galilei, and providing some rare and unknown secrets about the scientist’s life that he discovered while researching him and passed along to us.

The interview is recorded and should be appearing in Episode 26 of BookBanter on February 15th.  Thanks go to Sunny Baadkar and the Avid Reader in Davis for help setting up and hosting the interview.

Kim Stanley Robinson

Death Troopers Event

And here are some photos from tonight’s signing with Joe Schreiber at the Borders in Folsom:

Approaching Storm Troopers:


Storm Troopers and Joe Schreiber:


Me and Joe Schreiber:


It was great to meet and chat briefly with Joe, and heard from him that there is in fact a Death Troopers t-shirt featuring the awesome cover, so will have to check that out.