From the Generic Box #1

At the moment my job involves going through the many boxes categorized as “Generic.”  This term encapsulates essentially everything that wasn’t recognized by the scanner when the book was bought back, whether it was an out of print book, a book from another country, a strange barcode that wasn’t recognized, or just something the machine couldn’t understand, in which case it automatically got categorized asGeneric.  As you may have guessed, this can include just about any and every type of book that has ever been printed, and then some.  Naturally, it’s been a lot of fun, and frankly, quite exciting, to open up a new box and see just what I’m going to come across.

The point of this exercise is that, since all these book are priced a 99 cents, to see if there’s anything that might be worth some money that can get correctly priced.  I’ve come across some interesting things so far, such as popular books that are simply worth more, an old James Joyce hardcover, I nice and very old Thucydides hardcover, but today was different.  Today, I came across some most unusual books that made me stop and think: 1) someone write this book, 2) someone published and printed this book, and 3) someone bought this book.  Naturally, I had to take photos of what I came across, and I hope this can turn into a sort of regular segment here in BookBanter.  Only time and the strangeness of the printed word will tell!

Busy Girl's Cookbook

Just enough time for a quick cigarette.

A Manual of Things That Might Kill You

To satisfy the inner paranoid voice.

Science of Personal Magnetism

It’s scientific, so it must be true.

1980s Countdown to Armageddon

Still counting down, three decades later.

Alice in Wonderland

A neat old edition.


Also a neat old edition.

Stephen King

Was always creepy looking.

Stephen King

Especially with a cigarette.

This Above All

Found this old looking book . . .

Personal Note

. . . With this old and strange note in it.


And this is just in case . . .