World Fantasy Convention Post #1: The Grindstone

I was very fortunate to enjoy a full day last Friday, October 30th, at the World Fantasy Convention.  Little did I know it would be a long day of memorable, fun exhaustion that began in the early hours of the morning with a 90-minute drive to San Jose.  Using directions and a great website that lists parking fees for the different parking lots, I was able to find one for all-day parking at $7, the cheapest place I’ve ever found in the Bay Area!

And then my crazy day began with four interviews and four panels.  I know, I know.  I could’ve not gone to so many panels and my day would’ve been easier, but I really wanted to experience and see as much as possible.

As the schedule indicates:


each panel lasted just under an hour, each interview over a half hour.  As you can tell, I didn’t have much time in between, what with all the walking from room to room, and taking my interviewee back from the hotel lobby to the interview room which was literally on the opposite side of where the convention was being held.

Nevertheless, I had a really fabulous time that did leave me exhausted come 6PM, and why I should’ve spent it meeting authors, editors, agents and the like, I was just too tired and wanted to go home.

It was a good learning experience for my first book convention.

Ken Scholes offered some sage advice.  Don’t think it was during the interview, but he expressed how great book cons like the World Fantasy Convention are for meeting authors and people in the business, and he recommend people wishing to attend start their own special fund for conventions, so that they can attend all the days instead of cramming everything into one 9-hour period, like I did.

Next time I do plan to attend multiple days of the book convention, which ever one it might be (Worldcon is coming to Reno in 2011), so that I can spread out the interviews over multiple days, enjoy more of the great panels, and meet lots of great authors and people.

Up next on the next World Fantasy Convention Post: The First Panel!

Death Troopers Video Contest

With eleven days to do go until the release of Joe Schreiber’s Death Troopers, the Del Rey Fanboys put together a trailer video competition over at Suvudu for Death Troopers, along with their own effort (with a cameo by Joe Schreiber himself, of course they’re all Stormtroopers, so we don’t know who’s who):

And then there are the five finalists:

And my personal favorite (which currently has the most votes):

So head on over to Suvudu and vote for your personal favorite.

I’ve deliberately ignored spoiling myself about the plot of Death Troopers, keeping myself somewhat sheltered (I very rarely read the dust-jacket copy when starting a book, liking the surprise of the story to unveil as I read it).  But now, with these little inklings of plot, I’m even more excited about reading Death Troopers.

You can also check out the official Del Rey website for Death Troopers too.