“Wyrd” Progress Report XIX



REASON FOR STOPPING: Hit page 250, shot past the 50,000 word mark, and finished a big, lengthy scene.

Just a quick update to say I hit my last big writing goal for 2011 by reaching page 250 in Wyrd, which makes me extremely happy.  Also beat the 50k word mark and finished a big long scene of the main character telling his story.  I think the goal for this project for 2012 is going to be to hit at least page 500, which should be the end of the book, but I have a feeling this sucker is going to keep growing and growing.


Wyrd Progress Update I

I know, I know. It’s never going to get old: when you see Wyrd, you automatically think “weird,” even though it’s Old English for fate and the name of my novel. It’s okay, I do it every time too. And “Wyrd Update” is even better, I know.

Managed to get the prologue done today. 1225 words, just over 5 pages. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was an accomplishment for me, as the prologue involved setting the story and involved constant reference to notes and research, which is why it was heavy going. Plus I’m pretty sure I’m going to eventually edit it down to three pages or less, even though I liked everything I kind of said, I just know it’s going to need to be a lot shorter and tighter, and it’ll get there, eventually, after a number of edits.

And tomorrow, I’ll begin with Chapter One. As I did with the second rewrite of Nothing is an Accident, I’ve made up a spreadsheet with dates and numbers of words written and number of pages written. This serves a number of purposes: 1) it boosts my ego a little to see that I’ve actually put something on the page, or more like a lot of somethings strung together to form sentences and paragraphs; 2) it helps me keep track of how I’m doing and for these updates and just in general; 3) I keep track of how much I’m writing each day and each week. I’ve laid it out through the end of February and at the moment I’m sticking to my own made up goal that I borrowed from James Rollins. On my days off I need to do 4-6 pages; on the days I’m working at least 2 pages.

We’ll see how that goes and how much I stay on goal. But I’m going to be tough on myself to get the writing and the work done. And try not to give myself too many excuses when I get little or no writing done.

WORDS: 1255


The Journey Begins . . .

I’m all dialed in. Got my research done and all my pages of notes surrounding me in a protective circle of paper. And I’m about to embark on the writing of a new book called Wyrd (which is Old English for fate).

I first started this book in 2005 under the title of The Ruin (from the Old English poem), and got about a hundred pages done. Then my cast of characters stood on the shores of England looking out at the channel for four years. And now they’re about to be picked up again and continue with their journey. Except I’m starting from scratch, with some resets, revamps, and redos (or is it redux). Some big changes that I may talk about here, not sure how much I want to give away yet.

I’m sure they’ll be a few stalls and stops along the way– probably some more research too — and while I might have the option of doing this for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), I know this book is going to be long and going to take me a while and I want to go at my own pace, while juggling a full-time job and running BookBanter. But after meeting authors like Seanan McGuire and reading Jeff Vandermeer’s BookLife, I feel a little less intimidated and overwhelmed as there are many published and successful writers who do this every day.

So for now, here goes and . . . see you on the other side . . . along with the million stops and updates along the way . . .

But first I have to move the laundry into the dryer.