“A Mage of None Magic” by A. Christopher Drown (Tyrannosaurus Press)

A Mage of None Magicstarstarstar

In the first book of the Heart of the Sisters series, A. Christopher Drown sets the stage for your ordinary fantasy novel with an apprentice magician – Niel – while traveling, finds himself caught up in a quest with an unusual group of people who think he’s much greater and stronger than he appears to be, but Niel soon learns that he has more of a role to play in this world.

There are two facets that separate A Mage of None Magic from an ordinary fantasy novel that would be easily forgotten.  One is that Drown does a good job of not just world-building, but also creating a mythology that echoes the Greeks and Romans that ties in with how this world was created, but also with how this mythology is still alive today and believed by many.  The other is voice; Drown has a great, entertaining, and interesting voice in this book that will keep the reader reading and wanting more.

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Originally written on January 11th, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.