“Donating the Heart” by David Hernandez (Pearl, 2001)

In Donating the Heart, David Hernandez reveals further proof of his talent as a poet. Published in 2001, just one year after Man Climbs Out of Manhole, it is nevertheless crucially different from his debut collection.

Here there are the specific characters and unique settings that we have come to know as Hernandez’s ploy, except here there are events that really could take place, instances that actually occurred at one point, and have been superbly captured by a very deserving poet.  Split into two parts, the second also provides insights into the poet’s life and history, as well as some amusing and moving escapades.  Donating the Heart serves as a welcoming follow-up to Hernandez’s debut.

Originally published on February 25th 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.