“The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt” by William Nothdurft, John Smith, et. al. (Random House, 2002)

Lost Dinosaurs of Egyptstarstar

One would not think it that surprising to discover that dinosaur fossils had been discovered within the Sahara Desert of Egypt, considering the immense history this country already has, but apparently from an archaeological perspective, this is pretty rare.  What is even more amazing is that these dinosaur fossils were actually the largest ever found.  Yet they remain relatively unknown due to the stupid efforts of archaeologists and patrons during the early twentieth century when they were discovered.  Sadly, this book lacks in that it could be a third shorter and pertain more to the actual subject at hand than going on fictional tangents.  It creates a question of what is real and what is not, most important in the study of fossils many millions of years old.

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Originally published on November 25th, 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.