BookBanter is Three Years Old

This week is BookBanter’s third birthday!  I debuted my first podcast episode back on October 13th, 2008, which you can listen to here.  And as of today, BookBanter has 40 audio episodes (most of them exclusive interviews), 24 written interviews, and 596 book reviews.  2011 saw the debut of the BookBanter Column, with four articles published, and I’m currently working on the fifth on the subject of NaNoWriMo.  This year I also added links on the writing projects I’m currently working on and their respective statuses, which can be found on the Writing page; and there’s the Librivox page, covering my audio recordings for Librivox.

For 2012, I will continue putting up new interviews twice a month, and the big news right now is the first interview of next year, which should go up on January 1st, will be a written one with bestselling author Richard Dawkins!  I’m also planning on running a series of interviews with various people in publishing, including publicists, agents, and hopefully a few editors, just to get their side of the book world and what their lives are like.

So here’s to many more years with BookBanter!