“The Witch Who Came in From the Cold, Episode 5: The Golem” by Ian Tregillis (Serial Box, 2016)

This is the fifth episode in a series, find the rest of the episodes here.

In the fifth episode of the Witch Who Came in From the Cold things all of a sudden get kicked into high gear. Up to this point, readers have been going (or listening) along with the story, following events as they happen, but in “The Golem” there’s a lot that happens and it’s all on-the-edge-of-your-seat-nail-biting stuff that keeps you hooked to the end of the episode. Plus, with “golem” in the title, you know there’s going to be a big nasty beastie in there somewhere.

The episode opens with CIA operative Gabe Pritchard on a cold, dark night digging up a grave in Prague’s Jewish cemetery where he believes there to be a golem, with the help of confidant and close friend Jordan Rhemes. Once he gets the box open, things go to hell real fast.

Readers then get to finally learn about what went down in Cairo and how Gabe got his mental magical hitchhiker. Told from Jordan’s viewpoint we learn of her infiltrating a special meeting of the Flame in Cairo and how Gabe showed up at exactly the wrong time.

Meanwhile, Tanya Morozova, an acolyte of the Ice, is finding it hard to accept the accusation that Gabe recently made, which is that there is a boat on the Vltava River which is part of the Ice’s operation and is a magical warehouse of sorts with numerous bodies encased in ice. Tanya believes it to be a vessel containing some magical devices and that is fall. She will need to get to the bottom of this herself and find out what happened to the magical host Andula Zlata who hasn’t been seen in some time.

Episode 5 is gripping from start to finish as the story switches back and forth between Gabe and Jordan in the cemetery, in Cairo together, and Tanya’s investigation. It is a series of surprises building one on top of the other, leaving the reader open-mouthed by the end of the episode.

And for those interested, the author of “The Golem,” Ian Tregillis, just put up a blog post about writing the episode.

Originally written on March 1, 2016 ©Alex C. Telander.

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