“In That Quiet Earth” by Alex C. Telander

Much like his first collection, , Alex C. Telander’s new short story collection, “In That Quiet Earth,” runs the gamut of genres, showing his extensive breadth and range as writer. Readers will not be disappointed and will find a number compelling storylines and complex characters to become engaged in reading about.

The collection kicks off with a short piece exploring a man who is changing in a way he doesn’t want to. “The Lonesome Road” is one of the first stories Telander wrote, and goes into depth about the security we feel in everyday life, and what happens when that is suddenly taken away. Some other interesting stories include “Outside the Chamber,” exploring the role of Nazis charged with gassing victims, to a classic fantasy tale in “The Adventure of Lem, Odo and Tom,” and ending with “Motion in Motion,” a unique stream of consciousness story unlike any other. The collection also features two sneak peeks at two of Telander’s future novels.

The collection is a broad and fascinating one, providing something for everyone, leaving readers at the end wanting more and waiting for Alex C. Telander’s next work.

To download the ebook in any format, click HERE or the cover above.