Book News: Writing Spaces, Graphic Memoirs, Pat Conroy RIP & More!


Dark Tower Casting 
The movie adaptation of Stephen King’s opus has cast its two leading roles and they’re amazing.

American Gods Casting Update 
The TV series adaptation of the Neil Gaiman bestseller has added a notable lead actor to its cast.

Remembering Pat Conroy 
On the passing of this bestselling author.

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Book News: Magical Secrets at 4 Privet Drive, Haunting Podcasts, Lost Beatrix Potter Found & More!


Oscar Time
The ultimate guide to the Oscars for book lovers.

American Gods Update
The important character of Shadow has been cast for the TV adaptation of the Neil Gaiman bestseller.

Get Your Fear On
Three “pee-your-pants” horror podcasts you won’t want to miss.

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Book News: More Literary Adaptations, James Patterson Donates to School Libraries, Brazillian and Lesbian Lit & More!



You’ve no doubt seen your fair share of zombie movies and TV series, and likely zombie-related books. Well here’s a breakdown on the philosophy behind the walking dead.

American Gods Update 
In other good news about the American Gods TV series adaptation for Starz, Neil Gaiman will be writing some of the episodes.

Lesbian Literature 
So if you’re interested in enjoying some lesbian literature, here’s a great list!

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Book News: Book Nooks, Breaking Your Romance Novel Virginity, Amazon’s Royalties By The Page & More!


So you just watched Jurassic World and want to read other cool, similar adventure stories. Here’s your recommends list.
Ten terrific places to get lost in a good book where no one will bother you.
Showtime has announced that it is greenlighting the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s popular American Gods into a TV series.


A Confluence of Prison Cells

It’s happened again!  Of the three books I’m reading right now — one on audio — all three of the main characters are in a jail cell at the same time, even though I’m obviously a different points in each the books.  We have Shadow in American Gods just getting out of prison; half of Inmate 1577 involves one of the main characters in prison; and in Galaxy Blues the main character spends a little time in the cell.  What’s funny is that they all happened at the same point while I was reading each of them.  Just plain weird.

BookBanter Boon #11: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman 10th Anniversary Author’s Preferred Edition SIGNED Giveaway!

American Gods SIGNED Edition

American Gods

BookBanter Boon #11 is another special one (but then aren’t they all, since there’s a free book in it for one lucky person!).  This one is for a hardcover finished copy of the new “author’s preferred edition” from Neil Gaiman of American Gods, and it just so happens to be autographed by the great author himself too.  Not too, shabby.  And since it’s so special, I’ll be running this giveaway through the whole month of August.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. Anyone in the US can enter.
  2. To enter simply leave a comment on this post.  The question for you for this BookBanter Boon is what’s the first thing of Neil Gaiman’s that you read, and how did you find out about it?
  3. Entries will be accepted from August 3rd until August 31st, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time .
  4. The winner will be randomly chosen, contacted, and announced on this post on September 1st.

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If you have any questions, please email me at

And finally, here’s proof this autographed copy:


“American Gods” by Neil Gaiman (William Morrow, 2001)

Gaiman’s American Gods

American Godsstarstarstarstar

From upcoming English author of Neverwhere and the successful Sandman comic book series, comes Neil Gaiman’s first great epic, American Gods.  In the metaphysical vein, Gaiman has created a world to rival those of Clive Barker’s, presenting new insight into n otherwise ignored genre.

Our main character is a man recently freed from prison, known as Shadow.  He is now heading for what he thinks will be a return to his former, happy life with a beautiful wife and his old job already lined up.  What he does not know is that his wife is dead, killed in a car accident while “administering: some pleasure to his best friend, the very man who gave him his job back.

Shadow is going to meet some very strange characters that go by some most unusual names: Mr. Wednesday, Mr. Nancy, Easter, Ibis, Jaquel, and Czernobog.  What he does not know is that he is very special, not just to these bizarre characters, but to the fate of two great armies – one as old as time itself, the other as new as the Internet – who will war against each other to decide who will have the right to govern the country as gods.

American Gods is a compelling, driving novel that enraptures the reader.  And while Shadow’s full potential and significance is never truly understood, as well as Gaiman’s obsessive use of dreams to explain crucial details, the novel on the whole is an enthralling read for any who profess to enjoy a kaleidoscope of horror/fantasy/metaphysics/sci-fi.

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Originally published on February 18th 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.