Book News: Terry Pratchett Remembered, Bookstore Porn, New Yorkers Do It (Read) Anywhere & More!


Remembering Terry Pratchett
Neil Gaiman on remembering the great fantasy author. BBC’s obituary. Pratchett’s last tweet.

More Game of Thrones
HBO wants the series to continue beyond the books.

Feminist Young Readers 
A selection of great young reader books featuring some great female protagonists.

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Book News: Print Books Are Back, Eli Roth’s Short Story, Jim Butcher’s Newest & More!


E-books go Out of Style
An interesting article on the declining popularity of e-book sales, though it’s failing may be in looking at e-reader sales as opposed to the more accurate e-book sales.
Aeronaut’s Windlass
The latest details on Jim Butcher’s forthcoming new urban fantasy series.
Little Free Libraries
They’re starting to crop up anywhere and everywhere; I’ve seen at least three in Sebastopol.

Book News: Sherlock Holmes Lost Story Unearthed, Angelou Forever, Romance For Beginners & More!


A look at which books won the big Oscars this year.
In case you need another reason to travel the world and visit some truly amazing bookstores.
For those looking to try reading some romance for the first time, here’s where you should start.

Book News: Far Too Serious Writers, Dr. Seuss Returns, A History of Young Adult Lit & More!


Hope For Borderlands 
The popular independent bookstore has a plan that just might keep their doors open.

10 “Serious” Writers 
Ten writers who took their job a little too seriously.

Roller Derby 
39 killer literary-related roller derby names.

Low-Reading Self Esteem 
When you’re not feeling particularly proud of your readings habits and how to change that.

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Book News: New DRAGON TATTOO, No New GAME OF THRONES, Reading a Book Series & More!


Publisher Confirms No New Game Of Thrones Book This Year
Furthermore, 2016 might not see author George RR Martin’s book, The Winds of Winter, published either.

New Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Book Set for 2015
Swedish author David Lagercrantz to write a fourth novel in the franchise, created by the late Stieg Larsson.

Oscar Bookish Breakdown
A look at the Oscar nominees and their book tie-ins.

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Book News: Mega Bookstores, The Lowdown on Amazon Publishing, E-Book Product Placement & More!


The Science of Dead Bodies
An article on the books available out there for those who have a fascination with corpses and what you can do with them.

Coming of age YA books for those who are still discovering their sexuality.

Product Placement in an Ebook 
An interesting and perhaps terrifying endeavor in using product placement in a digital book, earning the author royalties of a different nature.

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