Book News:Airport Bookstores, Patterson Murders King, Classic Failures & More


James Patterson Kills Stephen King
In James Patterson’s latest Bookshot thriller is one to ruffle some feathers, in The Murder of Stephen King.

For People who Judge Bookworms
There are many of us and we are mighty, but there are some who mock us (because of their jealousy) and this is how we fight back.

Amazon Device Pop up stores
Amazon has a big plan to make a bunch of pop-up stores and make their devices more available to customers.

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Book News: The Legacy of The Baby-Sitters Club, Alan Moore Recommends ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, J.D. Salinger’s Home Becomes a Cartoonist Retreat & More!


Surrounded by Phonies
J.D. Salinger’s house becomes a cartoonist retreat.

Reading Moore
Alan Moore is the focus of The New York Times‘ “By The Book” interview.

Ann Patchett is After You
In a recent interview with The Guardian, bestselling author Ann Patchett admitted she will come after you if you buy books from Amazon, among other things.

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Book News: Chi-Town Gets Amazon B & M, Beautiful Libraries, 10 NYC Bookstores With Best Selection & More!


Subway Reads
A cool new concept that brings books and readers together on the New York subway.

Top Ten NYC Bookstores With The Best Selections
Ten important reasons to visit ten important places in the big apple.

The Luminaries Adaptation
The bestselling book is now becoming a TV series.

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Book News: Best Fall Books, The Human Google, Reading Will Keep You Alive & More!


The Human Google
At the New York Public Library there are those who seem to know all, referred to as the “Human Google.”

Audiobooks vs. Reading
Why listening books instead of reading them isn’t cheating for your brain.

A sweeping tale of hope and survival coming soon that’s worth the notice, from an author of color.

Best Fall Books
There’s a chill in the air and fall is coming. Here are some big reads coming this fall.

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Book News: Obama’s Summer Reading, NASA Research Library Opens For All, Kobo Announces New e-Reader & More!


Hugo Awards
The Hugo Awards were held this past Saturday and here are all the great winners, with people of color and women coming out on top.

NASA Library
NASA is making its entire research library free to the public!

Bookshop Day in UK and Ireland
After the success of independent bookstore days across the United States, the UK and Ireland are getting in on the action with their own celebrations.

Presidential Summer Reading List
President Obama has some great books on his summer reading list this year.

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Book Report: Feminist Bookstores, ‘Wild Cards’ Comes To TV, ‘Stranger Things’ To Read & More!


If You’re Obsessed with Stranger Things
Here’s a specially picked reading list to satisfy your cravings.

Amazon Raided
Amazon’s offices in Japan were raided on suspicion of pressuring retailers.

A Special Kind of Bookstore
Here are the thirteen best feminist bookstores located in the US.

A Chilling Read
Learn about Fairbanks, Alaska’s best bookstore and what makes it such a great place to come in from the cold.

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Book News: 50 Beautiful Libraries, ‘Potter’ Has a Good Week, Fall 2016 Anticipated Titles & More!


Stormlight Archive Companion Download
For fans of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, the ebook companion is now available to download for free.

Most Beautiful Library
A state by state look at 50 beautiful libraries.

Next Oprah Pick
Oprah has selected her next book club pick, The Underground Railroad.

Target Starts Carrying Kindles Again
After a four-year hiatus, Target and Amazon have come to terms once more.

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