Book News: Far Too Serious Writers, Dr. Seuss Returns, A History of Young Adult Lit & More!


Hope For Borderlands 
The popular independent bookstore has a plan that just might keep their doors open.

10 “Serious” Writers 
Ten writers who took their job a little too seriously.

Roller Derby 
39 killer literary-related roller derby names.

Low-Reading Self Esteem 
When you’re not feeling particularly proud of your readings habits and how to change that.

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Book News: New DRAGON TATTOO, No New GAME OF THRONES, Reading a Book Series & More!


Publisher Confirms No New Game Of Thrones Book This Year
Furthermore, 2016 might not see author George RR Martin’s book, The Winds of Winter, published either.

New Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Book Set for 2015
Swedish author David Lagercrantz to write a fourth novel in the franchise, created by the late Stieg Larsson.

Oscar Bookish Breakdown
A look at the Oscar nominees and their book tie-ins.

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Book News: Mega Bookstores, The Lowdown on Amazon Publishing, E-Book Product Placement & More!


The Science of Dead Bodies
An article on the books available out there for those who have a fascination with corpses and what you can do with them.

Coming of age YA books for those who are still discovering their sexuality.

Product Placement in an Ebook 
An interesting and perhaps terrifying endeavor in using product placement in a digital book, earning the author royalties of a different nature.

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Book News: A Night For The Boy Who Lived, Bookstore Exotica, Amazon Holiday Pop-Up Stores & More!



Best Literary TED Talks 
Here are the ten best literary-related TED talks from known authors.

Nonfiction for Thriller Lovers 
For lovers of thrillers and mysteries, here are some great pieces of nonfiction to chill your blood.

Stephen King Villains & Interview
For Stephen King fans, here are the ten best villains from his books. Also here’s a short five question interview with the King.

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Book News: Unpublished Salinger, Air Books, Games of Thrones Game and More!

Unpublished J. D. Salinger: For those wanting to get their hands on some rare works, three unpublished stories by J. D. Salinger have been leaked online.

Amazon Mental Illness: After undercover studies on working conditions at a warehouse in Britain, workers face an “increased risk of mental illness.”

Air Books: HarperCollins is the first publisher to team up with American Airlines to make ebooks available on flights.

Narnia Inspired: 5 awesome fantasy series inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia.

Game of Thrones the Game: It has now been revealed that video game company Telltale Games is working on a Game of Thrones video game.

Book News: American Werewolf Erotica in Prison, Orwell Returns, Worst Dads in Print & More

A Victory Cry for Werewolf Erotica 
A judge rules it’s okay for prisoners to read werewolf erotica.

No More Nook 
Barnes & Noble has removed the Nook app for PCs and Macs.

Remembering Iain Banks on Iain Banks’s passing.

Chinese Kindles 
Kindles are now, for the first time, available in China.