Book News: Hogwarts Goes Center Stage, Jurassic Books, Best Indie Bookstores & More!


Epic Fantasy Debut
Ten epic debut fantasies coming out that The Huffington Post says you won’t want to miss.

Best Indies
The Guardian presents their picks for the ten best independent bookstores on the planet, with Powell’s in Portland, Oregon coming out number 1.

Speculative Swears
What cussing and swearing looks like in speculative fiction.

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Book News: Amazon Doomed To Repeat Past Mistakes, Wedding Gifts For Bibliophiles, Actual Comfort Reading & More!


Goodreads Etiquette
Why authors really need to shut up and take criticism on Goodreads.

The Martian Trailer 
The Martian is a movie adaptation of a great book starring Matt Damon. Here’s the awesome trailer.

Hot European Waters for Amazon 
Amazon is facing some hot water and is being investigated by the European commission on the subject ebook pricing.

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Book News: Books To Make You Queasy, When Neil Met Kazuo, You Don’t Know Ray (Bradbury) & More!


Do You Know Ray Bradbury?
Ten things I bet you didn’t know about Ray Bradbury.

Book Art 
These images take your imaginings of folded book art way beyond your limits.

Folio Society Books 
The Folio Society has recently produced some truly beautiful and incredible books, so check these out.

Books That May Not Agree With You
Here are five books you will want to avoid reading on an empty stomach.

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Book News: Audio Books Get Heaving Bosoms, What Are Books, Alex?, O’Connor Gets Stamped & More!


Bookish Cosplay 
Looking for some awesome book-related costumes.

Kids Need Queer Books 
It’s often hard to find queer books, so here’s a good list to help you.

Great Books by Women 
There are obviously a lot of these, but here are four recommended ones.

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Book News: Literary Mortar Boards, Nightmare Fuel & Your Favorite Agatha Christie


Literary Mortar Boards: It’s graduation time, which means you need to get creative with your mortar board.
Nightmare Fuel: Five recommended horror books from Book Riot that will scare the socks off of you.
Selfie Book Club: What if celebrities taking selfies had books photoshopped in place of their phones; yep, it’s as dumb and funny as it sounds.

Book News: Bookstore Secrets, Tyler Durden Returns, Coolest Spaceships & More!


Bookstore Secrets 
17 behind-the-scenes secrets about bookstores and booksellers you might not know.

Poehler Vinyl 
With the success of Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please, the publisher is releasing the audiobook on limited edition vinyl, as author recordings used to be released.

Feminist Friendly Romances 
Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get with a romance, and finding one with a favorable female protagonist can be hard to come by, which is where this list comes in handy.

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Book News: Coolest Bookstores Across The Pond, Adaptations, ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell’ Gets a Trailer & More!


Shit Book Nerds Do
If you’re an obsessive book nerd you may think you have a problem, but here’s a list to prove you’re not alone and a perfectly normal book nerd at that.

Adaptation News
Adapting books into movies and TV shows continues to be en vogue and here are some new adaptation projects in the works.

Best Reads in April
Book Riot presents its best and recommended reads they discovered in April.

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