Book News: Weeding Your Home Library, Beautiful Bookstores, Nanowrimo Inspires & More!


Book Advent Calendars: If you like advent calendars and books, here are some truly great ones.
Parenting as a Reader: As a parent choosing which books you read to your child is an important life decision and here’s some advice on that.
Nanowrimo Inspiring Words: Some inspiring words from authors for those plowing through the challenge that is Nanowrimo.

Book News: The Talented Ms. Highsmith, Children’s Adventures ,Lovecraft Loses His Bust & More!

Amazon Books Gets Showroomed  With the opening of the new Amazon bookstore, they get a bit of their own medicine.

Patricia Highsmith  Most people know her for The Talented Mr. Ripley and not much else. Here’s much else.

World Fantasy Award Bust  The World Fantasy Awards have made a great move in changing the bust of their awards from Lovecraft to something else, which is immediately a million times better.

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Book News: Amazon Opens Physical Bookstore, Potter Prequel Peek, Pullman Gets Golden Adaptation & More!


Fantastic Beasts 
The “Harry Potter Prequel” has some new photos and character details.

His Dark Materials
The BBC is adapting Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy for TV.

The Amazon Bookstore
Continuing to stick it in everyone’s faces, Amazon has opened a physical bookstore in Seattle.

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Book News: Autumnal Bradbury, A Return To Hogwarts, Fate of The Drunken Reader & More!


Why Autumn Belongs to . . . 
Some authors can be attached to a certain season, and fall clearly belongs to the late great Ray Bradbury.

Sherlock Coming to Big Screen 
With the new season of Sherlock coming soon, the premiere is planned for January 1 with plans to have it show in select theaters.

Neil Gaiman News 
Gaiman is having more of his works adapted to the TV screen, this time short stories to being filming this month.

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Book News: Halloween Reads, Amazon Turns a Profit, Literary Costume Ideas & More!


Literary Halloween Costumes
Halloween is real close now and you may still be at a loss for a costume, well here are 9 lazy literary ideas.

Scary Books
Here are ten perfect Halloween books guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Horror Reads
If you’re a fan of certain horror movies, who are some horror recommended reads.

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Book News: More Lisbeth Salander, Taking a Readcation, Spooky Books & More!


Literary Pumpkins
Here are some truly awesome book-related Jack O’Lanterns.

Scary Book Award
And continuing with the theme we have 11 examples of some truly scary book art.

Copperfield’s News
It’s great to hear that the independent bookstore chain I’ve worked at for a number of years (at two stores) is doing well and opening its 8th store!

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Book News: Guillermo del Toro Faves, Kindle Troubles, and Two-Hour Reads


Guillermo del Toro’s Favorites: We all know that Guillermo del Toro has a dark and twisted mind, so here are some of his favorite books.
September’s Most Popular: Book Riot’s most popular books for September.
Kindles Out at Waterstones: Due to declining sales, the British bookstore chain Waterstones has decided to yank its Kindle readers.
Bonuses for Booksellers via Patterson: Bestselling author James Patterson continues to want to give his money to people who help people read more books. Now he is giving money to booksellers.
October Books: Book Riot’s recommended books to watch for in October.
YA Winter Books: Here are the 77 YA books coming out between October and December this year.
Short Books: Here are some books you can read in two hours (and some you can’t).