The Last Book News: Magic of Bookstores, Patterson’s Bookstore Bonuses, Naughty Coloring Books & More


Kinky Colors
For those obsessed with coloring books, here’s one that might get you a little hot under the collar.

The Cozy List
Indie bookstores feature heavily in recommended list of places to visit in Iowa.

Sparking the Imagination
Want to really know what’s so great about bookstores?

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Book News: Bad Sex Scenes, Lisbeth Salander Returns, National Book Award Winners & More!


How Fanfic Helps Black Women
How fanfiction is helping given black women a voice with black characters.

Stranger in a Strange Land
An adaptation is in the works of the Robert Heinlein classic Stranger in a Strange Land.

Children’s Authors Fighting Back
Hundreds of US Children’s authors are signing a declaration to fight against everything Trump.

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Book News: Giant Flip Books In The Wild, Women Authors, The Littlest Bookseller and More


If You Like Game of Thrones
No one knows when the hell the next Song of Ice and Fire book is coming out, including the author, so here’s some recommended books if you like Westeros.

The Littlest Bookseller
I guess they don’t have any age requirements at this bookstore. Is it cute or just cheap child labor?

Remembering Leonard Cohen
The moving New York Times obituary on the passing of this legend.

A teaser trailer for the BBC’s adaptation of Zadie Smith’s NW.

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Book News: Occult Bookstores in Film, Additional Perks For Prime, Dylan Acknowledges Nobel & More


About Dylan Time
Bob Dylan finally acknowledges his Nobel prize award.

Occult Bookstores
A look at some amazing occult bookstores in cinema.

The Reading Law
The United Arab Emirates has established a law giving people time to read at work, however it must be work-related reading.

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Book News: Stephen King Inspired Cocktails, A Bookstore-less Bronx, 6 Terrifying Novels & More!


Lit Quiz
Take this quiz and find out which independent bookstores best sums up you.

Not Dead Yet
A look at some behind the scenes work as Phil Collin’s plugs his new autobiography, Not Dead Yet.

King Cocktails
13 awesome cocktails inspired by Stephen King novels. Enough said.

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Book News: ‘Preacher’ Co-Creator Steve Dillon RIP, November Reading List, America’s Most Beautiful Bookstores & More


Many Fantastic Beasts
J. K. Rowling is predicting at least five movies in the new franchise.

Steve Dillon (1962-2016)
Comicbook artist, best known for his work on The Punisher and co-creator of Preacher, dies at 54.

Beren and Luthien
A century after it was written, J. R. R. Tolkien’s story, Beren and Luthien, is finally getting published.

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Book News: 50 Best Libraries in the US, Patterson Gives Away Bonuses, New ‘Unfortunate Events’ & More!


Mo’ Money
James Patterson is giving away some substantial holiday bonuses once again to deserving booksellers.

How the Internet Helps Bookstores
An interesting New York Times article about how four independent bookstore use the internet to improve their business.

Best Libraries
Elle Decor makes its picks for the 50 best libraries in the country. Time to start checking them off.

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Book News: Tale of a Notorious Book Pirate, The Fall of Camelot Arrives, Hollywood Ranks Power Authors & More!


Hollywood Authors
Hollywood’s 25 most power and influential authors for your perusal.

Pirated Book
Michael Koryta tells the unbelievable tale of someone pirating his book and selling it on Amazon.

NYPL Train System
The New York Public Library has a new transportation system in place . . . for its books and files!

F*CK Portlandia
The unique bookstore featured on the popular show has severed all ties for some very important reasons.

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Book News:Banned Books Week, Amazon Comes To Beantown, Mondo Reading & More!


Banned Books Week
Banned books weeks has begun; you know what to do: read them, check them out from the library, buy them, attend banned books events.

Old School
Here’s the classically beautiful process of a book being made.

New Agatha Christie Stamps
In Britain, new Agatha Christie stamps are coming with hidden clues and awesome artwork.

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