Book News: Time Travel Books, Reading Nooks, The Horrors of Christopher Pike and More!


Walmart to Library
How an abandoned Walmart became one of the best libraries you’ve ever seen.

Reading Nooks
Ten gorgeous reading nooks you just have to try out.

Can You Cheat at Reading?
The easy answer is yes, but you’ll be cheating against yourself and here’s how.

B-Teen at B&N
Barnes & Noble’s great teen fest idea that is now a real and awesome thing.

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Book News: Queer Sci-Fi, Road Trip Reads, 100 Tales of The Old West & More


Dark Tower News 
Recently some photos leaked of Idris Elba in his getup as Roland of Gilead; warning it will give you shivers.

Queer Comics for Sci-Fi Fans
Just to show that comics are pushing the envelope in every way, here are five queer comics for scifi fans.

Mental Reads 
Five recommended science fiction and fantasy books that tackle the prickly subject of mental illness well.

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Book News: Nebula Award Winners, Badass Moms, International Bookshops & More


Great Women in Fantasy 
Find good female characters in fantasy can be hard work sometimes, here bestselling author Kate Elliott gives you her recommends.

Nebula Awards 
The Nebula Awards ceremony was held this last Saturday and here are the winners.

Hugo Finalists 
In other awards, the finalists for the Hugo Awards have been announced.

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Book News: Indie Bookstore App, Adaptation News, Ten Books About Fascinating Women & More!


The Immortal Life
The incredible book, The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, is being adapted into an incredible HBO original with some incredible casting.

One App to Rule Them All
An awesome new app that shows you where all the important independent bookstores are as well as some valuable book reviews.

Must Read Sci-Fi
100 must read science fiction books by women. ‘Nuff said.

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Book News: Packing Vacation Reads, Library Mysteries, New TV Adaptations & More!


Why Science Fiction Matters 
Not that this is really necessary, but here’s a detailed article on the importance of the genre known as science fiction books.

Prince Books 
With the passing of this icon, here are some about him and his incredible work.

Cell is Coming 
A trailer has been released of the adaptation of Stephen King’s zombie novel, Cell. 

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Book News: Reading STAR WARS, Unnecessary Celebrity Books, Shakespeare Remixed & More!


Modern Retellings of Shakespeare
Some contemporary books that are basic retellings of Shakespeare plays.

100 Must-Read Memoirs
If you getting on a biography kick, here are 100 must-read memoirs.

7 Small Presses to Check Out
Sometimes small presses release some incredible titles and here are seven you don’t want to miss.

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Book News: Beverly Cleary Hits 100, The Return of The Alienist, Spring Clean Your Book Pile & More!


Triumph of the Serial 
The serialized novel, made popular by Charles Dickens, is making a comeback by the writer for Downton Abbey.

If You Have These Books We Should be Friends 
How to tell who your friends are and who you are enemies are by what they read.

Spring Clean Your TBR Pile
Here’s what to do when your “to be read” pile on Good Reads is just one big sprawling, overwhelming mess.

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