“Depraved” by Bryan Smith (Leisure Books, 2009)


When the world is getting you down, and the problems seem never ending, take a trip to the quaint, quiet town of Hopkins Bend, Tennessee.  Only, don’t spend too much time interacting with the locals, or checking out the sights and surrounding countryside; in fact, you should probably only stop by Hopkins Bend if it’s an absolute emergency and only for a few minutes.  Because there’s a big dark secret about Hopkins Bend that visitors know nothing about, since the visitors never make it out alive.  Stories surround the town of bizarre practices, unholy rituals, murder, and even cannibalism.  Each year the Holiday Feast is celebrated and for any tourist who doesn’t know better, coming to Hopkins Bend will be the last stop you make in your lifetime.  So you should just stay away from the town, but the book Depraved by Bryan Smith about the town is great, with gritty, gory details, and no limit to the . . . depravity . . . which will have you reading on, turning the page, even though you can’t bear to find out any more.

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Originally written on November 23rd, 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.

BookBanter Episode 21 with Ken Scholes


In Episode 21 of BookBanter you get to hear my next interview live from the World Fantasy Convention with fantasy author Ken Scholes. Scholes is the author of the five-part Psalms of Isaak series, the first two of which — Lamentation and Canticle — are now available . Scholes also talks about how he got into writing, what he has planned for the future, some advice for future writers, and how his life has been so wonderfully changed with having twins.

Featured in the episode are my reviews for Canticle and Lamentation, as well as Depraved by Bryan Smith and Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. If you would like to purchase any of the books mentioned or preorder the new Garth Nix book, simply click on the covers below:

Canticle Lamentation Depraved Leviathan

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I’ll see you next time, on December 15th, where I’ll be interviewing author Jeff VanderMeer, who’s most recent book is Booklife.

Until then, keep reading!

Alex C. Telander.

Upcoming Book Reviews for Episode 21

The following book reviews will be appearing on the BookBanter site with the new episode which will be up on December 1st:


Depraved by Bryan Smith

City of Night

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Book Two City of Night by Dean Koontz

Dead and Alive

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Book Three Dead and Alive by Dean Koontz


Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

11/13 on the Bookshelf . . .

Being a big Edward Rutherfurd fan, when I saw that he had a new release called New York, I just knew I needed to get my hands on a review copy, which I was delighted to receive in just a couple of days.  Also got a copy of Bryan Smith’s Depraved.  Haven’t read him before, but seems like he falls into the classic kind of horror that I enjoy from Leisure Books.

New York Depraved