“The Griff: A Graphic Novel” by Christopher Moore and Ian Corson (William Morrow, 2011)

The Griff

Bestselling author Christopher Moore got to know Ian Corson some time ago, as they began working on the screenplay for his book, Coyote Blue, but the movie never happened.  Years later Moore got this idea for a story that could best be told through the medium of the graphic novel.  The image he had was of attacking alien dragons from outer space.  He finally got together with his friend, Ian Corson, and they wrote The Griff.

Moore and Corson don’t spend long telling of the invasion, but before you know it, most of the world has been wiped out, as these terrifying dragons wreak havoc.  There are of course some survivors, who are our intrepid heroes.  In New York there is Mo, a geeky Gothy gamer; Steve, a skateboard wielding dude; and Curt, who has some sort of complicated history with the military, but knows a lot of stuff.  They begin making their way south, to Orlando where there is a downed spaceship and hopefully the secret to stopping these alien vermin.  In Florida there are two other interesting characters: Oscar, who spends his days dressed as a squirrel, and Liz, a killer whale trainer from Ocean World, who have their own plan.

Once the main story is grasped, it becomes quite predictable with some obvious characters, but it is nevertheless an entertaining read with some good jokes and character banter, as well as some great artwork of alien dragons destroying our planet and killing people.

Originally written on August 15, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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“Victory of Eagles” by Naomi Novik (Del Rey, 2008)

Victory of Eaglesstarstarstar

Bestselling author Naomi Novik returns with the fifth book in her Temeraire series which has since been optioned by Peter Jackson – Victory of Eagles, where the war is not going so well for Britain, as Napoleon lands on her shores with his army of men and dragons fighting for his empire.

Temeraire is uncertain of the fate of his master and dearly close friend, Captain Laurence, after the events of Empire of Ivory, Laurence now finds himself sentenced a traitor and awaiting execution.  Relieved of service and residing in some breeding grounds in Wales, Temeraire must battle great odds to defy the military conduct, find, and rescue Laurence.  In his journey, Temeraire gains some allies and begins a small army of his own, composed solely of dragons and no commanders, who fight by their own code and conduct.  Eventually joining the British force against Napoleon, Temeraire demands pay and rights for the dragons, equal to those given to any member of His Majesty’s service.   It is up to Temeraire and his army to first find Laurence and then to help defend Britain again Napoleon’s invading forces, or all may be lost.

Victory of Eagles is a stunning addition to the series that adds new elements and subplots, making the continuing story more interesting and riveting.  Like the others, Victory of Eagles leaves readers hungrily waiting for more.

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Originally written on October 2nd 2008 ©Alex C. Telander.