Ostium Episode 3 – 38°20’N, 17°15’W

Jake travels back to Ostium, this time with some specific goals in mind: to find out what is exactly behind those doors in the clock tower, and to discover what might be behind Door #3.

Written by Alex C. Telander
Performed by Chris Fletcher, who also composed the interstitial music pieces.
Background music by 2Kutup courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Warning, this episode contains explicit language.

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“The Witch Who Came in From the Cold, Episode 3: Double Blind” by Max Gladstone (Serial Box, 2016)

This is the third episode in a series, the complete series can be found here.

Things continue to not go so well for CIA operate Gabe Pritchard: his boss is breathing down his neck to develop some useful leads and he continues to get these random and debilitating migraines. But he’s not going to give up on his hunch about Andula Zlata, especially since KGB operative Tanya Morozova always seem to be close by; he also happens to be able to track her pretty well by being able to sense her in his mind.

The terrible headaches he keeps getting are because of what happened in Cairo. And he knows it’s something to be with magic and he’s going to need help from someone very eccentric: the exceedingly British MI6 operative Alestair Winthrop, who also happens to be a sorcerer for the Consortium of Ice. Then Winthrop invites Gabe to an important party where the man brings him face to face with someone he feels will be able to help him: Tanya Morozova.

In this episode, readers (and listeners) get to see the world through some other characters: Nadia Ostrokhina who works with Tanya and Joshua Toms who is Gabe’s partners. Along with the dramatic writing, the audio version has Gabe’s and Joshua’s parts being read by John Glouchevitch, and Tanya’s and Nadia’s part read by Christine Lakin, with a fast-paced back and forth between the readers adding a thrill for the listeners. Plus each episode tends to end in a nail-biting cliffhanger, leaving the reader (and listener) wanting more.

Originally written on February 18, 2016 ©Alex C. Telander.

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