In Episode 4 – First Contact, Jake learns about some big changes in his life and the world, before he travels to Ostium. He now knows he’s not alone in this special town, and as he passes through Door 4 he wonders if he’ll have any company. Also what world will he be taken to this time?

Written by Alex C. Telander
Performed by Chris Fletcher, who also composed the interstitial music pieces.
Background music by 2Kutup courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Warning, this episode contains explicit language.

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“The Witch Who Came in From the Cold, Episode 4: Stasis” by Lindsay Smith (Serial Box, 2016)

This is the fourth episode in the series; other episodes can be found here.

Tanya Morozova has successfully brought Andula Zlata into the protective fold of the Ice; as a “host” she has special powers sought by the Flame. Meanwhile Gabe Pritchard continues to have his occasional debilitating headaches. With the help of MI6 operative and Ice sorcerer Alestair Winthrop, they have determined he has a “magical hitchhiker” within him and that if he performs certain magic, it can appease his headaches and the mystic being within him.

Now with his life and well being a little more under control, Gabe is able to try to get into the good graces of his superiors once more, following up on Drahomir Milovic, who was a CIA recruitment operation that Gabe blundered. But he will have to decide whether to do things by the book and make his boss happy, or go his own way and get faster results.

Meanwhile, a close friend to Gabe, Jordan Rhemes, is the owner of a bar called the Vodnář, a sort of neutral ground between the Ice and Flame. Readers and listeners also learn she deals in illicit goods there. She has had two recent visitors – Karel Hasek, a professor or medieval history, and his partner Vladimir, who are both clearly Flame operatives and are very interested in some of the items Jordan possesses. There is also the reveal of how Jordan and Gabe know each other and are close due to their history in Cairo, which has something to do with the origin of Gabe’s hitchhiker, all of which is revealed further in the next episode.

And for those needing a little helpful aid, the Serial Box site has a little “previously” for each episode, much like a TV series, cluing the reader in to what has happened so far, as well as a character list and who’s who.

Originally written on February 24, 2016 ©Alex C. Telander.

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