“Science Fiction Classics: Graphic Classics Volume Seventeen” by H. G. Wells, et. al. (Eureka Productions, 2009)

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In this seventeenth volume of graphic classics one might’ve expected the series to have stretched beyond its ability to delight and entertain, and yet this volume offers some of the best stories yet, done with some great adaptation and some truly original artwork.

Volume 17 kicks off with a bang with the graphic adaptation of H. G. Well’s famous War of the Worlds.  Writer Rich Rainey must be commended for condensing the novel into just 48 pages, and yet maintaining enough storyline and action to be true to the original book.  The artwork from Micah Farritor helps set the scene of the nineteenth century, giving each of the characters a very human look.  As for the aliens, Farritor borrows from the classic look of War of the Worlds, but also adds his own style.

A day in the life of a man who looks much like George Jetson is the setting for the next story: Jules Verne’s “In the Year 2889.”  Stories from Stanley G. Weintraub and Arthur Conan Doyle are included, each presenting their own unique art style from a different artist.  Graphic Classics Volume 17 is a great addition to the collection, leaving readers looking forward to what’s to come next.

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Originally written on June 18th, 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.