03/24 On the Bookshelf . . .


Originally published in 1999, Subterranean was James Rollins first novel, now released for the first time in hardcover with additional material, after hearing how much Rollins had to cut from it in the BookBanter interview, I’m looking forward to reading it.

Empires and Barbarians

Another release in a growing sub-genre of up to date and more factually accurate books on the fall of Rome, the beginning of Europe, and putting an end to the cursed term “Dark Ages.”  Other examples (already reviewed) include: The Inheritance of Rome and Barbarians to Angels.  Of course, this means more time spent reading Empires and Barbarians once I get done with the History of the Medieval World, which also means more time spent researching and less time working on Wyrd.

2/18 On the Bookshelf . . .

History of the Medieval World

Received a welcome tome on my doorstep yesterday: The History of the Medieval World by Susan Wise Bauer.  After enjoying The History of the Ancient World, I knew it was going to be  a long wait for Bauer’s next volume to come out in her history of the world series, but it has now arrived and will certainly take me a while to get through; but since it’s my favorite period in history, I will somehow have to manage.