Faces of Publishing Exclusive Interview Lineup on BookBanter

Faces of Publishing

On February 1st I debuted the first of my new interview series, Faces of Publishing, where I go beyond the book and the author, and take a look into the world of publishing and the people who made that book happen.  Throughout 2012 I’ll be putting up a new interview on the first of every month with a publicist, editor, agent, ebook specialist, marketing manager, or some crucial person involved in publishing.  My first interview was with Justin Golenbock, a senior publicist for Tor and Forge Books.

[I will still be doing occasional interviews with authors throughout the year, most likely on the 15th of the month.  Be sure to check back often on the website, or subscribe to this blog.]

Below is a listing of the interviews I’ve got lined up so far that you can enjoy reading throughout the year.  They are subject to change and I’m adding more all the time and hope to keep this going for a long time.

  • April 1st: Danielle Bartlett, PUBLICIST for HarperCollins.
  • May 1st: Michelle Brower, AGENT for Folio Literary Management.
  • June 1st: Brady McReynolds, PUBLICIST for Berkeley/NAL.
  • July 1st: Paula Guran, EDITOR for Prime Books.
  • August 1st: Kevin Smith, EDITOR.
  • September 1st: Lynn Pasquale, DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING for Prometheus Books.
  • October 1st: Jaime Levine, EXECUTIVE EDITOR for Grand Central Publishing.