“Jack: Secret Circles” by F. Paul Wilson (Tor Teen, 2009)

Jack: Secret Circlesstarstarstar

In the first of the young adult trilogy, Jack: Secret Histories, Jack and Weezy discovered a very unusual secret pyramid in the Pine Barrens.  And now Repairman Jack is back in Jack: Secret Circles, where another strange structure has been discovered, once again in the Pine Barrens.  But this time they’re not going to tell anyone about it, as Weezy knows the government is behind it all, or at least has something to do with it.  Their friend Eddie thinks it’s more likely the work of the Jersey Devil.  And then Jack’s five-year-old neighbor goes missing, even though Jack told him to go home, and he needs to get him back.  Finally there’s the guy who comes out of the Barrens, supposedly lost for days, on the run from some big and terrifying monster.  F. Paul Wilson continues the trilogy of his popular character, Repairman Jack, as a teenager.  The story is a combination of the Hardy Boys and The X-Files, with an excitement-infused voice that brings out the adventuresome kid in every reader.

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Originally written on December 11th 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.