Book News: 50 Best Libraries in the US, Patterson Gives Away Bonuses, New ‘Unfortunate Events’ & More!


Mo’ Money
James Patterson is giving away some substantial holiday bonuses once again to deserving booksellers.

How the Internet Helps Bookstores
An interesting New York Times article about how four independent bookstore use the internet to improve their business.

Best Libraries
Elle Decor makes its picks for the 50 best libraries in the country. Time to start checking them off.

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Book News:Airport Bookstores, Patterson Murders King, Classic Failures & More


James Patterson Kills Stephen King
In James Patterson’s latest Bookshot thriller is one to ruffle some feathers, in The Murder of Stephen King.

For People who Judge Bookworms
There are many of us and we are mighty, but there are some who mock us (because of their jealousy) and this is how we fight back.

Amazon Device Pop up stores
Amazon has a big plan to make a bunch of pop-up stores and make their devices more available to customers.

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“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson (Little Brown, 2001)

Suzanne's Diary of Nicholasstarstar

Looking for a change, Patterson has laid down the calculating mind of Alex Cross, and set aside the fabulous foursome of 1st to Die, delivering his first romance, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas.  Although coming off as often corny and sometimes just unbelievable, near the end the book picks up and Patterson delivers some of his more familiar “tricks.”

The book is a love story about a woman, Kate Wilkinson, who has found the man of her dreams, Matt.  On the night that she is about to give him some great news, he tells her he can no longer see her and leaves.  A few days later she received a package from him: a diary written by his wife, Suzanne, to their son Nicholas.  Katie finally builds up the courage to read the diary and delves into the lives she never knew.  Instead of being angry at this Suzanne, Katie begins to like her and finally understands why Matt did what he did.

There are pints in the diary where Suzanne talks of going off and having sex with Matt, though not in so many blunt words, yet this is clear not something you would tell your son!  Nevertheless, Patterson does deliver two shocking twists, and in the end the reader is brought to their emotional edge.  But this is a love story, so it all ends happily.

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Originally published on October 15th 2001.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.

“1st to Die” by James Patterson (Little, Brown and Company, 2001)

Patterson’s New Thriller Series

1st to Diestarstarstar

Some of you may be familiar with James Patterson’s Alex Cross series; there is currently a film-adaptation of one of Patterson’s novels, Along Came a Spider starring Morgan Freeman.  1st to Die is Patterson’s latest achievement and it marks the first installment of a series he will develop further in the future.

The setting: there is a killer going round the Bay Area, taking the lives of newly-weds on the night of their honeymoon or the day of their wedding.  The SFPD is pretty much stumped, slowly piecing the evidence together, but not actually getting very far – leads leading to cul-de-sacs.

The characters: four woman who unite, all from different walks of life, to solve the case and catch the serial killer.  The main character, Lindsay Boxer, is an investigator for the homicide division for the homicide division for the SFPD; she wants most to succeed, but she is concurrently battling a devastating illness that saps more of her energy each day she sets about solving this bloody investigation.  Claire Washburn is a medical examiner, friend to Lindsay, she provides important details that help the case.  Jill Bernardt is the Assistant D.A. who wants to catch just this person just as much as the others, hoping to try him and put him away fro a long time.  Cindy Thomas is a small-time reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, but she has been recently promoted to the crime desk at the newspaper: her research provides valuable evidence for the case, while she keeps the country up-to-date on the circumstances of the case, that is when Lindsay agrees to the press release.  Together they are the Women’s Murder Club.

The novel:  Patterson has managed to create a whole new world in the familiar territory of the Bay Area.  He dives beneath the ordinary, everyday façade of San Francisco and reveals an invisible underlining that is witnessed by few.  The reader is taken on a joyride of shocking and exciting proportions, as the quartet meet and bring the clues together, steadily catching up to the killer, until the climactic finish, with Patterson’s inevitable twists surprising the reader in a tour-de-force conclusion.

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Originally published on May 14th 2001 ©Alex C. Telander.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.