“Nursery Rhyme Comics” edited by Chris Duffy (First Second, 2011)

Nursery Rhyme Comics

Everyone knows what a nursery rhyme is; many of us can still remember a number of them, or at least what they were about; and still a few more of us can recall certain nursery rhymes word for word; but ask any of us what they mean or how they got made up, and you’ll be greeted with a look of dumbfoundedness.  What exactly is the deal with an egg falling off the wall, or two kids falling down a hill, or even a cow jumping over a moon?

In Nursery Rhyme Comics, the artists explore these familiar nursery rhymes with detailed illustrations, exploring the nuances and possible meanings behind various nursery rhymes.  The book features great original and entertaining illustrations from many known comics’ artists and cartoonists, including Craig Thompson, Scott Campbell, Mike Mignola, Kate Beaton and many, many more.  50 well-known nursery rhymes are explored and elucidated upon by the skillful hands of 50 cartoonists, revealing these strange short stories to be the bizarre, confusing, and yet entertaining and unforgettable tales that they are.

You may not find all the answers in Nursery Rhyme Comics, or the reasoning behind each of these nursery rhymes, but you will certainly be laughing out loud and enjoying yourself as you read them, and perhaps showing them to your kids, if you have any!

Originally written on November 20, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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“Strange Tales II” by Harvey Pekar, et. al. (Marvel, 2011)

Strange Tales II

After the popularity and success of the original Strange Tales, Marvel is back with Strange Tales II, featuring a whole host of familiar and renowned characters and superheroes and villains, all in strange and unusual and unpredictable and shocking situations you’d never really expected them to be in.  But the key to Strange Tales II is that it’s another great “what if” for known names readers may wonder about beyond the pages of their daredeviling and adventurous comic books.

Here you will find many know names – and some not – from the world of comics and illustration, including Jhonen Vasquez, Rafael Grampa, James and Gilbert Hernandez, Kate Beaton, Jeff Lemire, James Stokoe, Terry Moore, and Harvey Pekar to name a few.  And within these pages you’ll discover the likes of Wolverine involved in mixed martial arts tournaments, eating hot dogs, and giving relationship advice; Spiderman being invited to the prom; or Thor forging an alliance with a disguised farm animal.

In Strange Tales II, you will find your heroes and your idols in strange places and strange situations, and you’ll be entertained and you’ll laugh, because sometimes these special people get up to mischief and engage in unusual actions to say the least.  Eventually they will return to the action and saving of lives their famous for, but for now sit back and peer into the hidden stories beyond the adventure comic.

Originally written on September 21, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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