“The Unwritten Volume 2: Inside Man” by Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Vertigo, 2010)

Unwritten: Inside Man

The dynamic duo of Mike Carey and Peter Gross return with the second volume of the complex and fascinating story of the Unwritten, continuing to magically blend the worlds of reality and story together.  Tom Taylor is a real person, but he’s also the son of a missing bestselling author whose incredibly popular books (think Harry Potter) feature a main character named Tommy Taylor.  In the final volume the character supposedly passes from the world of fiction into reality.

In the previous volume, Tom Taylor was implicated as the instigator of a massacre, and now finds himself incarcerated at Donostia prison in Southern France; his cell mate is an undercover journalist with some strange powers.  Taylor finds the world of real and unreal blending once more as he is pulled into the epic tale of the Song of Roland, a story that is purported to have taken place close to the prison location, ending in another great massacre.  And just as Taylor thinks himself done and free from his current predicament, he finds himself pulled into another reality, another time: Stuttgart, 1940, where he must save a novel written by a Jewish dissident, Jud Süss, only it’s being turned into an anti-Semitic propaganda film by none other than Joseph Goebbels.

Carey and Gross continue the story of The Unwritten along a most mysterious road, making it one of the most interesting pieces of writing being written today as the reader has very little idea of what is going to happen or where the characters are going to be taken next.  Fortunately, while this is an entertaining story blending the worlds of fiction and reality, Gross’s artwork keep the definitions clearly defined, preventing any confusion for the reader.  The question is where will The Unwritten go next?

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Originally written on October 26, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.

“The Unwritten Volume 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity” by Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Vertigo, 2010)

The Unwrittenstarstarstarstar

In their first full series collaboration since the award-winning Lucifer, writer Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross present The Unwritten: a unique story about tales and writing and magic, taking the reader on journeys into different and unusual worlds with some familiar and recognizable characters and some very unpredictable happenings.

A bestselling fantasy series that is as big as Harry Potter features a hero by the name of Tommy Taylor.  The creator of the series, Wilson Taylor, has gone missing, disappeared, and hasn’t been seen in years.  Meanwhile his son, Tommy Taylor, is reaping the benefits of the series, attending signings and conventions, and has become a worldwide sensation.  “A literary legend made flesh.”  Only rumors have started that Tom Taylor may not actually be who he says he is; and while the well-known man flees from angry crowds, he finds himself joining up with unusual characters, as well as finding elements of the story he knows so well somehow coming true.

Mike Carey and Peter Gross have created a fresh and original series that explores a fantasy world and a world of supposed real life and then magically blurs the borders, both with powerful words and incredible art, keeping readers thinking, but completely hooked, wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

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Originally written on January 25th, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.