“EI8HT Volume 1: Outcast” by Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque (Dark Horse Books, 2015)

There’s a place where lost and abandoned things end up. Not just odd socks from your laundry and keys and other items you’ve misplaced, but bigger things too, even people. It’s known as the Meld. A place outside of time, an inhospitable dimension, where there are those in power subjugating and controlling those who are weaker, and most of reality has no clue this place exists.

Joshua is a chrononaut who has a job to do, which is to get to the Meld and assassinate a specific person. Using a time machine from the near future, he ends up in the Meld with damaged machinery and soon finds himself a captive. Before he knows it he finds himself face to face with the very person he needs to kill. There’s also the beautiful and unusual woman who he’s never seen before, but swears he was talking too just as he arrived in the Meld, as if he somehow knew her.

While the opening concept for Ei8ht seems interesting at first, the storyline quickly devolves into a predictable guns-firing slugging match between the goodies and the baddies that tends to bore the reader more than it does entertain.

Originally written on March 3, 2016 ©Alex C. Telander.

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