The Birth of the Half Star

While Goodreads continues to spend its time deliberating on whether to add half stars or not to their rating system, which now seems to be spanning a time of years, I’ve made the call to go ahead and start using half stars in my own rating system with book reviews.

Now, for my ratings I use a capital B (for Bookbanter) to represent a single star, as shown below:

And I am now adding a half star option to be more clear and precise in my rating of my reviews. The half star is show below:

A number of the books I read and review tend to be good and worthy of four stars, but only some are worthy of the highest five-star rating. With the addition of the half star option, its going to provide an additional level of rating to show books that are actually better than the regular four stars, but are not quite good enough to merit the full five stars.