“Percepliquis” by Michael J. Sullivan (Ridan Publishing, 2012)


This moment has been subtly building for the last five books, and now it is finally here.  When Michael J. Sullivan set out to write the five-book series of the Riyria Revelations, his goal wasn’t to write an intrinsically-linked series of books, nor was it to write five stand-alone fantasy novels; it was to do a combination of the two.  Readers can enjoy each of these books in their own right, as the entertaining stories that they are, but at the same time there are sub-plot and elements embedded in there, building a comprehensive story that comes to a climax in this final volume, Percepliquis

The beginning of the end has begun: the elves of old have crossed the Nidwalden River in large numbers and are coming to take over; they threaten the entire continent of Elan.  The people have little hope left; they know they don’t stand a chance against these powerful elves.  And it all comes down to Novron’s heir, who must make a stand, and the only way he can do that is by finding the sacred horn.  It will involve an arduous quest, with a strong group of warriors who also possess intellect.  They will have to travel deep beneath the ground, in search of the ancient, ruined city of Percepliquis, following an old diary that may not even be true.  Fortunately, Royce and Hadrian are coming along for the ride, so if these intrepid few have any chance of finding the horn and saving the people of Elan, only these two will be able to make it happen.

In the longest volume yet, Sullivan has outdone himself here with lots going on: multiple storylines, lots of action, lots of conflict between friends and enemies, important details from the previous books brought to light, travels through various terrains, and an ultimate duel.  With the thrill of a top-rate action movie, combined with the epic grandeur of Tolkien’s Return of the King, this is a final showdown you won’t be able to stop reading, let alone put down.  Who will live; who will die?  In this grand finale, anything can happen . .. you won’t want to miss it.

Originally written on February 6, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

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“Wintertide” by Michael J. Sullivan (Ridan Publishing, 2010)


In the fifth and penultimate volume of Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations, he once again manages to play off a familiar fantasy storyline, in this case the art of the joust and power of the nobility within a city, and with his unique cast of characters, makes Wintertide feel completely original.  While readers of the series may be familiar with Royce and Hadrian, it’s the adventures they get up to in this book that really make it worthwhile, with an ending that sets up for a grand finale in the final book of the series.  Wintertide is the quiet before the storm.

On this year’s holiday of the same name, a special celebration has been planned.  The New Empire wants to make a big deal of its victory over the Nationalists, and has some important public executions planned: the villainous Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar.  The only problem is that Royce and Hadrian are in town and they happen to be good friends with both of those people and have plans of springing them free whatever it takes.

Sullivan clearly had fun with Wintertide, playing around with Hadrian engaging in a joust, even though he doesn’t know much about the whole nobility and chivalry thing, but he sure knows how to fight.  And how having friends in the most unlikeliest of places often proves invaluable.  Fans will enjoy this penultimate chapter, with Sullivan’s strong descriptions and scenes of the winter festivities; of the sounds, sights and smells.  It’s an enjoyable, thrilling tale before the final showdown.

Originally written on February 8, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

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“Rise of Empire” by Michael J Sullivan (Orbit, 2011)

Rise of Empire

In Theft of Swords, Michael J. Sullivan introduced us to the unusual duo in Royce and Hadrian, giving readers some ideas of what fun and adventures they like to get up to in the first two volumes of The Riyria Revelations.  In this second collected installment, Rise of Empire, readers learn more about the world and the changes that are happening here, and where our two heroes are headed next.

In Nyphron Rising, things take a turn for the worse as war comes sweeping through to Melengar and its people have little hope and respect for their recent, young king.  Princess Arista has been running around playing diplomat and trying to secure allies for Melengar, with nothing to show for it.  Meanwhile the enemy Nyphron Empire continues to grow in strength and numbers.  Arista has one more trick up her sleeve, and with the help of her good friends, Royce and Hadrian, goes on this last journey far south in a last effort to secure an ally, but also to unravel a mystery of Hadrian’s past.  Surprising results are revealed about our unknown thief that ties into the whole story of the Riyria Revelations.  The wizard Esrahaddon continues to be up to no good, while we learn more of the enigmatic man known as Degan Gaunt.

Sullivan does a great job with Nyphron Rising, after setting necessary groundwork and story and setting with the first two books, he opens it up on an epic scale, traveling his invented world, and educating readers on how future events are going to affect everyone across Elan, and why the forgotten history is important.  Royce and Hadrian continue to be the entertaining and interesting characters that they are, while Arista opens up her emotional side.

In The Emerald Storm, Michael J. Sullivan does what every fantasy author should do with an epic series and an interesting and complex map: he takes his characters to new and interesting place.  The Emerald Storm is in a fact and mighty sea vessel that travels across the seas to new lands and places, where new and interesting people are met and the overall story of the Riyria Revelations is furthered along.

With the events of Nyphron Rising now at a close, the elusive duo, Royce and Hadrian aren’t sure what do to next.  Royce has plans to retire and relax, settle down with his lady love and enjoy the rest of his days, while Hadrian has dark shadows of his past and heritage to confront and accept, while deciding he is on a mission to find the lost heir of Novron.  It takes Royce all of three seconds and little convincing to decide that Hadrian won’t last long without him, and together the two set out, following the clues that lead them to the mighty trading vessel, the Emerald Storm.  They know nothing of seamanship and what to do aboard such a large vessel, but knowing one of the crewmen, they’re able to get added to the crew and begin the journey through the mysterious and interesting lands of Elan.  Naturally, there is lots of adventure on the high seas, not to mention some strange guests on the Emerald Storm, as well as the enigmatic cargo.  Meanwhile an important subplot is furthered along with the princess, who is bored with her station, looking to make her life more interesting, and gets some answers.

The Emerald Storm does everything a fourth book in a series does, furthering along some important story, learning more about some familiar characters, as well as introducing some new ones, and not to mention the addition of new lands and new peoples and cultures.  Fans of the series will enjoy the thrills of The Emerald Storm, with the fun Royce and Hadrian get up, looking forward to the final installment, Heir of Novron, due out in January 2012.

Originally written on December 12, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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Upcoming Author Blog Tours on BookBanter

It’s taken me a little while, but I’m getting on this whole host author blog tour gig, finally.  So here’s what’s coming up on the BookBanter Blog:

December 19th – 23rd

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan
Blog Tour

Michael J. Sullivan, author of the popular Riyria Revelations, will be blogging on the week of December 19-23, just before Christmas, covering a topic each day on the following:

  • Contracts and big-six publishing
  • Query or self publish which is the best path in today’s climate
  • Outlining verses discovery writing
  • What authors really need to know about writing for a living
  • Traditional or self-published which do you prefer


Coming in January 18th

Ryder Islington

Ryder Islington
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Ultimate Justice
Author of Ultimate Justice

And any authors out there reading this and wanting to do a guest post on BookBanter, just shoot me an email at alex@bookbanter.net.

BookBanter Interviewee Michael J. Sullivan Hits the Big Time

Michael J. Sullivan

When I began interviewing authors on BookBanter, my goal was to be equal and even in who I interviewed.  In the books I read and review, I am open minded whether the author is associated with a national publishing house, or a smaller independent one.  If the story is interesting, I’ll read the book and give it a try, especially when the author or publicist contacts me.  I feel this is the point of BookBanter: to provide authors and books to readers who may not have heard of them before, no matter which publisher they are associated with.  The world of publishing is changing, and it is thanks in part to the Internet and blogs and websites like BookBanter; at least I like to think so.

On June of 2009 I put up my interview with Michael J. Sullivan.  Sullivan is the author of the Riyria Revelations series, an entertaining fantasy series featuring two main characters, Royce and Hadrian, who are what make the series worth reading.  Sullivan had contacted me through his wife, Robin Sullivan, who does his publicity, and was sent a copy of the first book, The Crown Conspiracy.  I enjoyed the book, gave it a favorable review, and have been reading each successive book as it is published through Ridan Publishing (an indie publisher started by Robin Sullivan) over six month intervals.  After interviewing Sullivan, I learned that the author was not writing these books to make vast amounts of money and achieve bestsellerdom (though this would be well received), but to write and tell some entertaining stories for his daughter.  The Riyria Revelations were written to entertain and they have done so, gaining momentum, support and readers over time; with the advent of ebook editions, sales and popularity for the series has continued to grow.  This is made evident on Robin Sullivan’s blog, “Write to Publish.”

And to cap it all off, last week came the official announcement from the big publishing house, Orbit, that they had acquired the Riyria Revelations with plans to publish the original six-book series in three volumes coming in November, December and January 2012.  And now a much larger audience will be able to enjoy this great series.  Sullivan himself referred to it as “the little indie that could.”

For now, readers can enjoy the interview with Michael J. Sullivan, and reviews for the first four books in the series (the fifth book will be reviewed later this year; the sixth will be some time until the third volume from Orbit is released):

Crown Conspiracy Avempartha Nyphron Rising Emerald Storm