“Snowblind” by Christopher Golden (St. Martin’s Press, 2014)


Bestselling author Christopher Golden is known for writing some unusual horror books that blend science fiction and fantasy as well, such as his Hidden Cities series written with Tim Lebbon, including The Map of Moments and The Shadow Men, as well as the riveting thriller The Boys Are Back in Town. In Snowblind, he returns to his plain horror roots with a book that will terrify the crap out of you. It is a story of ghosts and creatures in the snow that can barely be seen, but can snatch you up in a second.

We take you now to a small New England town called Coventry in the wonderful state of Massachusetts. This quaint locale has had more than its fair share of inclement weather, including numerous blizzards that are not easily forgotten. Especially that particularly devastating one that left many without power, as well as numerous cases of strange ice figures witnessed amidst the flying snow. Once the storm was done, there were a fair number of people in the town either missing or found dead due to unknown and mysterious circumstances.

Twelve years have now passed and the events of that devastating blizzard still remain shrouded in icy mystery; those who played a part during that terrible time and came through alive have aged more than a decade but still carry the scars from that time. And now there is another blizzard coming, one that looks to be as bad if not worse than that infamous one, and the locals of the town know it and fear it, wondering if they may be the ones to disappear this time, or be found frozen and dead in the snow days after. But how does one stop an ice creature that can barely be seen and can grab you within the blink of an eye?

Christopher Golden could’ve gone for a straight, scary story about scary creatures during a blizzard, but instead he tells a story about a small town and its inhabitants who know each other well and whom the reader gets to know well, and how they address their fears with the oncoming blizzard. This horror novel is anything but ordinary.

Snowblind is Stephen King meets John Ajvide Lindqvist, pulling on King’s small New England town and normal relatable characters that find themselves in a horror novel, along with Lindqvist’s bizarre, cold twisted nightmare that also features ordinary people who have no idea what they’re going into, but have no choice otherwise. Snowblind will leave you cold and frightened and alone, just like any good horror novel should.

Originally written on February 17, 2014 ©Alex C. Telander.

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“Fables, Volume 18: Cubs in Toyland” by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham (Vertigo, 2013)

Fables: Cubs in Toyland

The Fables are back again in a new collected volume and up to plenty of antics.  Willingham is still putting the pieces together for the next big saga of Fables and the blossoming full story isn’t clear yet, but readers are having a lot of fun along the way with the different subplots.  Snow White and Bigby wolf have always known that one of their cubs was destined for a great role, and its seems like it’s been filled when Winter begins training for the role of the North Wind, but each cub has a prophecy and some are fulfilled in this 18th volume, Cubs in Toyland.

Therese is an easily confused child, and when she finds herself a toy boat that talks to her, she is more than gullible.  The cub is led on a journey to a river, where the toy boat enlarges to a real-sized one.  She hops on and is taken across a great ocean through storm and sea until she reaches an island of broken and discarded toys, the misfits of toy society who all have voices and personalities.  They want little in life but to have a new queen to love them.  Therese thinks she might be this person, but soon discovers there is no food on the island, and begins to starve, while the incessant toys turn her into a dark and twisted person as time passes.

Darien is the leader of the pack and has always known he is the hero and must do everything he can, no matter what he takes.  He follows the clues about his missing sister and crosses the great ocean to find this distant land of mutated toys and knows what he must do to save his sister.

Cubs in Toyland is a great stand-alone story of the Fables universe, exploring some of the roles that the cubs of Snow and Bigby are destined to fulfill, pushing and pulling on the emotions of the reader, as they are ultimately just children, even if they are fables.  Included in the collection is the story of Bufkin in the Land of Oz, illustrated by Shaw McManus.

Originally written on February 11, 2013 ©Alex C. Telander.

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