“Stephen King’s N.” by Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev (Marvel, 2011)

Stephen King's N.

There is a place you must not go; must never go; for that way leads to madness!  You see there is a place in rural Maine known as Ackerman’s field; in fact, I shouldn’t really be telling you this; make sure no one reads this.  In this field – that few know exists – are seven important stones, sort of like Stonehenge, only far more powerful and important.  You see if you look at these stones in a certain way, like through a camera lens, you will see an eighth stone.  But that’s a good thing, because we need eight stones to be there to keep that portal to the hell dimension closed; otherwise that thing will be let free.

This is the story of Ackerman’s Field, told from Sheila’s viewpoint about her brother, a psychiatrist named Johnny who had a patient he referred to as N.  Through his journal entries, Sheila – and in turn the reader – learn about this mysterious character called N and his travels to Ackerman’s Field.  What he learned of the stones and what they are protecting; the reader also learns about his untimely end and how Johnny himself inevitably got involved.  But the question is how many lives will this mysterious and terrifying place take?

Originally told as a multi-part graphic video series, it was published as a short story in Stephen King’s Just After Sunset collection, and is now told in glossy, colorful graphic novel version, giving life and form to creatures and characters from Stephen King’s imagination.  Alex Maleev’s artwork evokes the frightening and captivating, while Mark Guggenheim’s words move the story along at a gripping and nail-biting pace.  You don’t have to be a Stephen King fan to enjoy the great graphic novel story that is Stephen King’s N.

Originally written on October 13, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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