“The Devil Colony” by James Rollins (William Morrow, 2011)

Devil Colony

James Rollins’ latest book, The Devil Colony, does everything a thriller should with a compelling storyline, travel to exotic and unusual places, elements of the fantastic, and lots and lots of action.  Rollins describes his novels as rollercoaster rides, which The Devil Colony may well be, and reveals this author’s storytelling and writing abilities at their very best.

In this new SIGMA Force novel, Rollins blends some shocking and relatively unknown American history with cutting edge science that defies the mind.  Deep within the Rocky Mountains of Utah an incredible discovery is made of Native American mummies buried in a cave beneath the ground, as well as a number of priceless gold artifacts with some very strange ancient writing on them that doesn’t seem to be Native American.  As the artifacts are brought to the surface, a terrible explosion rips through the air, causing a number of deaths.  Thought to be an act by a radical Native American group, the truth is revealed to be far more dooming as some unusual activated element has been brought to the surface and seems to be eating through matter of any kind with no end in sight.

The SIGMA Force are called in to investigate, with Painter Crowe who is looking to help his niece – who has become tied up in the whole catastrophe – however he can, while Commander Grayson Pierce does his own research with some help from the beautiful and enigmatic Seichan.  This mystery will take them from the mountains of Utah to the volcanoes of Iceland to the impenetrable vaults of Fort Knox to the renowned geysers of Yellowstone.  It will also take them one important step closer to the ancient and secretive order known as the Guild, until it is realized that far more is at risk when a geological chain reaction is set in motion that could have devastating effects for the entire planet.

While The Devil Colony certainly seems to push the boundaries of the conventional thriller, Rollins is careful to back up his incredible storylines with meticulous historical and scientific research, which he goes into detail with in his foreword and afterword, as he does his best to explain to readers the story behind the ultimate question of this book: Was America founded on a lie?  Read the book to find out the story behind this and the supposed twelfth colony, known as the Devil Colony.

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Originally written on June 20, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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