“The Lewis and Clark Journals” edited by Gary E. Moulton (University of Nebraska Press, 2003)

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In this beginning year of the 200th anniversary of the famous Lucas and Clark expedition, the University of Nebraska Press has released an abridgement of the definitive edition of two men’s journals as they traveled across an unknown land, mapping and recording what they saw of this new terrain for the first time in history.

The Lewis and Clark Journals is a welcome abridgement to the full thirteen-volume set that, while significantly shorter, still contains much of the magic and revelation that both Lewis and Clark experienced on their journey.  Organized in diary form with dates for each entry, one is put into the minds of Lewis and Clark as they wrote of what they saw and how they felt about it.  Accompanied with footnotes that answer any question about nineteenth century terminology, or foreign words that the reader of today cannot be expected to know; there are also maps detailing the route taken , as well as occasional pictures of the actual journal entries written by Lewis or Clark.

The Lewis and Clark Journals is a book to be welcomed by any reader interested in discovery and Lewis and Clark, or a student studying the subject and wanting to know more, or just an average reader who has always wanted to know what it was like walking into a land and world that was relatively unknown by any other white man.  This is a book of discovery that is more certainly nonfiction and remarkable.

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Originally published on May 12th, 2003 ©Alex C. Telander.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.