“Our Story Begins” by Tobias Wolff

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In this new anthology, one of our most eminent short story writers, Tobias Wolff, offers up some old stories – some we’ve seen before – as well as new and fresh tales.  Our Story Begins is a perfect introduction to the writing style and complex plot-minded mind of one Tobias Wolff.

This book is an in-depth look at the many facets of life and their most important part: people.  Wolff doesn’t always look to tell a simple and complete story with a beginning, middle and end.  Most of the stories in this collection offer more of an insight into a slice of this world or that life; a snapshot into a relationship or specific decision.  The full consequences and events don’t always unfold, and we may not know as much as we might like with back story; nevertheless, we immediately become attached to these very real characters and the very human decisions they make.

Wolff takes readers on a journey they won’t soon forget with Our Story Begins, as they travel the world and meet some very strange characters, as well as playing a part in some very moving relationships and families.  A required read and book deserving a space on everyone’s shelf as not just a sample of Wolff’s skill, but a supreme example of the contemporary short story.

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Originally written on May 14th, 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.