The Reviews Are Coming

Now that it’s 2014 and my newborn is working through his fifth month of life, my own life has settled a little and has more structure and control to it. I also have a backlog of reviews developing, with my two-post a week schedule.

Therefore, starting next week, I’ll be going back to the three-post a week schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Book Report will be appearing on Wednesdays now. This should clear out my backlog a bit and get more reviews to you faithful readers.

The Bad News & A Little Good News

So bad news due to a slew of technical difficulties has caused the video footage from the George R. R. Martin interview to die an ugly death and it is no more.  I know, it’s real sad, and it was a combination of factors — a perfect storm of doom if you will — that led to the footage being lost and no recording of it surviving.  However, there are photos, and mine and Kaye’s indelible memories of the interview.  So we’re going to be doing a “written interview” article covering our discussion with George R. R. Martin.  The goal is to hopefully have it done some time this week, and at that point I’ll be sure to get it up on BookBanter lickety split!  It’s very easy to dwell on the sadness of this event, but I always believe that one must look forward and be positive, and move on, so that’s what I’m doing and regardless, it was still an honor to meet, sit down and talk with this fascinating man.