02/08 On the Bookshelf . . .

Sacred GamesManaged to find a bargain price, first edition hardcover of Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra.  When this book came out its size (over 900 pages), the cover, and plot summary on the inside flap intrigued me, but then many books and other things got in the way and I never got round to reading it.  And now that I’ll be attending Writers with Drinks this coming Saturday, where Vikram Chandra will be performing, and finding Sacred Games for a good deal, I now have it in my possession to finally read it, and possibly get it signed.

Writers With Drinks

Looks like I should be attending Writers With Drinks on February 13th.  Now at the moment I only have vague connotations of what this event will exactly be about, but the name of it has me both hopeful and intrigued.  The website doesn’t give me a lot info to go on, but the following people will be in attendance:

Vikram Chandra (Sacred Games)
Cherie Priest (Boneshaker)
James Rollins (The Doomsday Key)
Andrew Porter (The Theory Of Light And Matter)
Derek Powazek (Fray Magazine)

While I haven’t read Sacred Games, I’ve been kind of curious and interested in it since it came out in 2006.  So it’ll be interesting to hear some of this author’s work.  Cherie Priest will be a delight to meet, having interviewed her for the next episode of BookBanter, which will be up on February 1st.  James Rollins is now a good friend and a past interviewee on BookBanter and it will be great to see him again and perhaps hear some of his new book, Altar of Eden.

And then of course, there should be drinks.

Perhaps I’ll see some other familiar faces too . . .