“Saga Vol. 3” by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Image Comics, 2014)

Saga Volume 3
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In the third volume of the award winning graphic novel series, our strange cast of heroes finally make it to the distant planet of Quietus where they hope to meet Oswart Heist, a novelist of some acclaim who once wrote a trashy piece of romance that was supposedly secretly veiled as a story about two star-crossed lovers who should never been together falling in love. It was this book that Alana first read and came to believe to be something true and achievable, and when she met Marko and had him read the book also things took a great turn in their relationship.

A good chunk of this volume is spent in giving some important and useful back story to our main characters, as well as a past love of Marko’s, one Gwendolyn who has joined the small posse of bounty hunters looking to capture the married couple and end their union. Prince Robot is the one who has been tasked to make sure this mission is carried out without any mishaps, and so far he has been less than impressed.

This volume gives some good surrounding story to many of the characters we’ve already met, but in this story like any good one it is not always clear who is ultimately good or evil, because everyone is just so different and fresh and new and has never been seen before, not just in comic book form, but in story form. Volume 3 fills in some important history holes that the reader has been wondering about and keeps them on the edge of their seat with what’s going on on Quietus. It’s one of those stories where you want everyone to be fine and come out alive at the end, but you know that’s not going to be the case.

Originally written on April 19, 2014 ©Alex C. Telander.

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After the success of Volumes 1 and 2, and a bunch more songs to use, Volume 3 is a little different, as we move away somewhat from the “closing” theme and embody more a sense of the average bookseller in these trying times; the emotions they feel at what is happening . . . but enough diatribe, here is the song list for Volume 3:

  1. “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)” by The Byrds
  2. “What Do You Want From Me” by Pink Floyd
  3. “Don’t Cry” by Guns ‘N’ Roses
  4. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult
  5. “Before You Accuse Me” by Eric Clapton
  6. “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica
  7. “The Thrill Is Gone” by B. B. King
  8. “The Show Must Go On” by Queen
  9. “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.
  10. “This Year” by The Mountain Goats
  11. “Always On My Mind” by Pet Shop Boys
  12. “Yesterday” by The Beatles
  13. “Is It Any Wonder” by Keane
  14. “That’s All” by Genesis
  15. “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men
  16. “Take This Job And Shove It” by Dead Kennedys
  17. “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash
  18. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” by Radiohead

Now That’s What I Call Closing! Volume 2

Well, the debut collection Now That’s What I Call . . . Closing Volume 1 has now gone platinum with over ten copies made!  And now we closely follow it with a strong contender in Now That’s What I Call Closing . . . .Volume 2, which some may say equals or possibly surpasses the original volume in its variety and popularity . . . but only time will tell.  With Volume 3 currently in the works, here’s the track list for Volume 2:

1. “Goodbye Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd
2. “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles
3. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash
4. “Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) by Sarah Brighman, featuring Andrea Bocelli
5. “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel, featuring Kate Bush
6. “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve
7. “Times Like These” by Foo Fighters
8.  “Goodbye to You” by Michelle Branch
9.  “This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore” by Elton John
10. “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones
11. “It Was a Very Good Year” by Frank Sinatra
12. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers
13. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds
14. “On My Way” by Phil Collins
15. “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac
16. “Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel
17. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton
18. “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by Mamas and the Papas
19. “In My Life” by The Beatles
20.”Goodbye Cruel World” by Pink Floyd

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 3: Wolves at the Gate” by Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard, et. al. (Dark Horse, 2008)

Buffy Volume 3starstarstar

The latest collected volume of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 features a single issue scripted by Joss Whedon, as Buffy comes to a startling realization with her personal life that mixes with her job as the lead slayer over all the Chosen.  The development continues in the Wolves at the Gate series as an attack is made on the Chosen base in Scotland by a horde of vampires that can turn into wolves, fog, and even a swarm of bees.  Enlisting the help of a very old and forgotten friend who is a natural wealth of information on the events at hand, Buffy travels to Japan with her powerful army to find out who or what is behind the group of Goth Japanese vampires who have these incredible powers.

Wolves at the Gate continues Buffy’s adventures in classic fashion, with all the main characters, leaving the reader impatiently waiting for the next collection, as well as to some possible answers to why Buffy is doing what she is doing, and what’s behind it all.  Clearly the writers have a master plan building that will hopefully see more light in the next trade coming in May.

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Originally written on January 10th, 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.