“What’s Next: Dispatches on the Future of Science” Edited by Max Brockman (Vintage, 2009)

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For anyone who wonders what the near future holds and what exactly are all those scientists doing with the grants and tax dollar funding they receive, What’s Next? is a book with some answers. Featuring eighteen original essays that have never been published from some of today’s best scientists, What’s Next? will insight a curiosity in the reader on advances and research that are being made in the many fields of science.

While a little patience and perhaps some scientific background is recommended, as these scientists are not authors of multiple books and tend to get very detailed and complex in their essays, readers will find news and answers in the fields of neurological research, behavior, how humans think, the nature of time, and where our idea of morality possibly arises from.  Global warming is addressed in a most interesting essay that analyzes a warming world where the Northern Rim becomes further habitable, but leaves readers with the question of how many people will want to move into the undeveloped heartland of Russia?

What’s Next? is a collection of some very interesting and insightful essays that give readers news and information on some areas of research and science that may not be readily available to them through magazines or newspapers, or perhaps are only available through expensive science journals.  Perhaps a book to truly show “your tax dollars at work.”

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Originally written on July 18th 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.