White Horse Progress Report 24



REASON FOR STOPPING:  End of chapter seventeen.

Started and finished up chapter seventeen today with some good furthering of the story.  Things are definitely starting to heat up now, as the climax approaches.  If I stick with my outline, which I fully plan to, there are only three chapters to go!

I’d originally extended this “novella” to a 75,000 word novel, and today I past that word count . . .


. . . and obviously the book is not done, so I need to re-estimate my word count goal for the novel, and I believe I can comfortable say it’s going to get good and done and finished within the 90,000 to 100,000 word range, so I’m resetting the goal at 100,000 . . . but this of course could change for all I know, but I have a pretty certain feeling it’ll be done by around 92-94,000.  We shall see!


“White Horse” Progress Report 23



REASON FOR STOPPING: Reached a good stopping point for the week.

WORDS FOR THE WEEK: 14,181 words

This was easily the most productive week writing-wise I’ve ever had in my life.  Who knew the key was to not have a job keeping you busy each day.  It was kind of fun to feel like a full time writer for the week.  And here were the word goals I hit each day:

  • Monday – 5274
  • Tuesday – 4419
  • Wednesday – 2161
  • Thursday – 2327

Completed all of chapter fifteen and made some good headway with chapter sixteen.  The novel is moving along with great speed now that I’ve completely outlined the rest of the plot.  I think 75k is still a good final word count goal for the manuscript, though there is a chance it may go over, but this is definitely the right ballpark for it.  The other goal I hit at the end of this week was I reached PAGE 300!

“White Horse” Progress Report 22



REASON FOR STOPPING: Hit word goal for the week; finished chapter thirteen and fourteen; hit 50,000 words

WORDS FOR THE WEEK: 5,083 words

This week has been a good and productive one for the writing of White Horse, as I’ve been sticking with my 500 words or so a day, or making up for it when I didn’t quite hit it, and today after a long session with The Unwritten writing group, I got a lot of words down on the page, finished the long chapter I’d been working on, and managed to start and finish another one.  Ended up writing almost four and half thousand words today at 4,4,85, but I kept pushing myself with three different writing sessions during the day, with the goal of hitting the 50,000 word mark, which I did reach and then passed, ending the day and word count for the week at 50,398.  Which is good, because tomorrow I’ll be able to work on other projects after getting so much done with White Horse today.

Now, technically here’s what the word counter meter currently reads with today’s writing:

Yay, I reached that 50k mark, but alas, it is not the end of the book; but I knew a while ago that I would likely be surpassing the 50k mark when this story, which was originally conceived as a novella, continued to grow and grow and become a full-length novel.  I’m now adjusting the word count goal to 75k and I believe this to be a good estimate for how much more I need to finish the book.  Of course, that’s not set in stone, and who knows how much longer the characters may want to hang around, telling their stories.  Anyway, here’s the current word count meter:


And now for some work in progress:

I gingerly got to my feet, almost losing my balance for a moment, and took a few steps away from the dog I obliterated.  For the first time, I saw the torn flesh and fur of the animal, matted with an immense amount of blood.  There were puddles of red growing on the ground.  Then I looked down at myself and saw I was completely soaked with the animal’s blood.  I then felt the cold wetness of it, touching my bare flesh, the weight of it pulling my clothes down.  I gagged, but swallowed, forcing myself not to vomit.

“Wyrd” Progress Report XIV


Wyrd is alive and back on track.  Got over a thousand words done today and I’m real happy with the direction and where it’s going.  It’s funny: in an earlier draft of this manuscript from years ago I had the chapter coming to an end where the Saxons up and left after Vortigern kidnapped Hengest’s daughter, Rowena.  But now, with the more fully-developed and interesting character that Vortigern has become, he would never do this.  I can feel the story turning away from this earlier draft, and going in a much more precise and right direction of where I want it to go.  Coupled with the eleven-page chapter outline that took me hours to complete yesterday, Wyrd is looking to be a pretty fascinating novel and I’m excited to see where it goes.  Also, with the outline complete, I’m bumping the word count to an estimated 150, 000 words; yes, I feel this manuscript might just end up being that long, at least with the full story I plan to tell.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.


TOTAL WORDS : 21,376

REASON FOR STOPPING: End of poignant scene, but still lots more to write in this chapter!

And now for some words in progress:

One was a giant of a man, tall as well as wide; the likeness was unmistakable.  When the Saxon looked up at them, Artorus saw in the face the sibling features, and knew this man must be the other of the Saxon horselords, Horsa.  The man’s stare was both indignantly questioning and accusatory; definitely Hengest’s brother.