“Bone: Tall Tales” by Jeff Smith and Tim Sniegoski (Graphix, 2010)

Bone Tall Tales

In this next Bone prequel after Rose, fans get to enjoy some entertaining tales set in the world of Bone before a new trilogy coming early next year, Quest for the Spark.  While Tall Tales is no epic story like the Bone series, readers get to enjoy some fun stories told by Smiley to the bone scouts and Bartleby.  First there’s the story of Phoney Bone and Fone Bone and how they had no plans of helping with the laundry, and after being led on a wild goose chase that almost gets them killed with a planted “treasure map,” they learn their lesson.  The rest of the stories focus on an important character: he discovered the Rolling Bone River, and most importantly founded Boneville; he is a bone of legend, Big Johnson Bone.  His first story is of how just moments after he was born, he was whisked away into the cold winter night, and how he came face to face with Old Man Winter and gave him a piece of his mind.  Then there’s the story of the eating contest which Big Johnson Bone has won for many years running, but this one time he might change his mind for a special bone.  The last and longest of the collection tells of multiple great adventures Big Johnson Bone went  on, fighting against the deadly Rat Creatures, as well as enjoying the company of one sneaky little monkey.

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Originally written on November 16, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.