“WWW: Watch” by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace, 2010)


After the success of Wake, Hugo Award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer returns with the second in the WWW trilogy, Watch.  Caitlin Decter is still trying to wrap her mind around her new power; having spent the first sixteen years of her life blind, she is now able to see in one eye.  The world is a beautiful place, with incredible looking things to see, as well as fascinating people, not to mention her interesting friends and family who she can now see, as well as learning how to do so many ordinary things with sight for the first time.

Then there is Webmind, the sentient being that has arisen from the depths of the Internet and is becoming more conscious, aware and brilliant by the second.  Caitlin does everything she can to keep Webmind entertained and fulfilled, employing the help of her parents, as well as the doctor who gave her her sight.  But the secret military group known as WATCH has discovered the existence of Webmind and after conferring with the highest levels of the government, they’ve deemed this presence a threat to national and international security and are going to try to kill it.  Caitlin is left with just one choice: announce the existence of Webmind to the people of the world.

Sawyer continues the great storytelling from Wake, discussing the concepts of game theory, and what a sentient presence on the Internet could really mean for the world in his comfortable, conversational way.  The only failing of this book is that it leaves the reader immediately wanting the conclusion to the trilogy, Wonder.  Fans will have to wait one more year for the thrilling end to this great trilogy.

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Originally written on May 3 2010 ©Alex C. Telander

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